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We are committed to nurturing each child using a developmental approach

We want every child to have a sense of success and to have the opportunity to develop at her own pace. By offering a combination of child-initiated exploration and teacher-directed activities, Tenth Church Preschool supports each student’s individual learning and provides the opportunity to develop their cognitive and social abilities. A hands-on, literature-based curriculum gives a weekly focus for the classroom. Immersed in an environment rich in literature, numbers, and music, children will begin to make connections that form the basis of later literacy and social interaction.


We see each child as God’s treasured gift to us, and encourage them to see the world as God’s good gift to be explored with delight and wonder. By nesting what we teach in a biblical world-view, we instill a sense that they are valued and deeply loved by God.


From October through May, students are welcome to stay at the preschool from noon to 2:45 pm on Mondays and Thursdays for Afternoon Explorers, our enrichment program. Their time together begins with eating a packed lunch from home while practicing table etiquette. The monthly themes include great literature, hands-on projects, science and art explorations and time for play.


We also offer two weeks of camp at the end of the school year. The themes for these weeks have included the ocean, the rainforest, and space.


Tenth Church Preschool is proud to have been the first Music Together preschool in Philadelphia. This proven curriculum provides a consistent, high quality music education crafted to fit the way children learn, cradling them in a joyful, musically-rich environment.

The period between birth and age six is a critical time for a child’s music development. Playful experience with tone, rhythm and pitch forms the basis for later musical competence. And exposure to music and movement activities not only enhances the child’s music development but yields dividends in cognitive and social development as well.

The Music Together curriculum relies on a partnership between parents and the school, creating community around the shared experience of music-making. Each semester, the preschool provides families with a CD of the music being used in the classroom to play at home or in the car. This common musical repertoire deepens the child’s exposure and eases his transition from one environment to the other.


Nurturing your children has to be a shared enterprise. More than just a pick-up and drop-off program, we hope to foster a network of relationships where parents and family members can be supported and encouraged by each other as well as by the church and preschool staff—be it through parenting workshops, informational seminars, social gatherings, or other community events. 


As a preschool, we are committed to consistent communication with parents and encourage parents to get involved and be heard. We welcome parent volunteers and visits, offer regular parent-teacher meetings, and encourage parents to work with our Parent Advisory Council to give us input on how we can better serve you in your parenting journey. We desire a shared community that supports families and gives children a context in which
to thrive.

Get to Know Us

We would love to talk with you about Tenth Church Preschool. Please call or email​ with any questions or to set up a tour.

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